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Items marked as SOLD are no longer available framed. Unframed prints of those items are available for purchase.

11997 Baltimore Sun, Newsroom$250SOLD
21991 Baltimore Sun, Engraving Department$250 
31991 Baltimore Sun, Photo Department$250 
41991 Baltimore Sun, Engraving Department$250 
51991 Baltimore Sun, Editorial Department$250SOLD
61991 Baltimore Sun, Press Deck$250 
71991 Baltimore Sun, Newsroom$250SOLD
81991 Baltimore Sun, Press Deck$250 
91991 Baltimore Sun, Art Department$250 
101991 Baltimore Sun, Press Deck$250 
111991 Baltimore Sun, Evening Sun Editorial Cartoonist$250 
121991 Baltimore Sun, Newsprint Storage$250SOLD
131991 Baltimore Sun, Art Department$250SOLD
141991 Baltimore Sun, Press Deck$250 
151991 Baltimore Sun, Composing Room$250SOLD
161991 Baltimore Sun, Press Deck$250 
171991 Baltimore Sun, Composing Room$250 
181991 Baltimore Sun, Mail Room$250 
191991 Baltimore Sun, Engraving Department$250 
201991 Baltimore Sun, Mail Room$250 
211989 Baltimore Sun, Pressmen at Circulation Party$250 
221991 Baltimore Sun, Delivery Trucks$250SOLD
231991 Baltimore Sun, Mail Room$250SOLD
241991 Baltimore Sun, Pallet, Sunday Suns$550SOLD
251995 Baltimore Sun Publisher Mary Junck holding final Evening Sun$550 
261997 Baltimore Sun home delivery tube in snow$250SOLD
271980 Prevas Brothers, Broadway Market, Fells Point$250SOLD
281983 Lunch Counter, Medical Arts Pharmacy, Mount Vernon$250SOLD
291983 Danny Dickman, Danny’s Restaurant, Mount Vernon$250 
301983 Werner Kloetzli, Werner’s Restaurant, Baltimore$250 
311983 Waitstaff, Danny’s Restaurant, Mount Vernon$250SOLD
321982 Bartender, The Chesapeake Restaurant, Baltimore$250SOLD
331979 Lunch Counter, Fair Lanes Bowling, East Baltimore$250SOLD
341991 Jean Lawson and Jean Adamski, The Bridge Restaurant, Baltimore$250 
351982 The Chesapeake Restaurant, Baltimore$250SOLD
361982 The Chesapeake Restaurant, Baltimore$250SOLD
371981 BCFD, Fire, Fulton Avenue$250SOLD
381981 BCFD, Engine 25 Firefighter Al Price$250 
391981 BCFD, Fire, Riggs Avenue$250SOLD
401982 BCFD, Fire, 31st Street, Baltimore$250 
411982 BCFD, Fire, West Baltimore$250 
421982 BCFD, Truck 23 Firefighter Rich Pflaum$250 
431982 BCFD, Engine 55 Lieutenant John Linton$250SOLD
441981 BCFD, Engine 1 Firefighter Joe Machovec and Captain Fred Rafferty$550SOLD
451981 BCFD, Fire, Fulton Avenue$250 
461981 BCFD, False Alarm, Mount Vernon$250 
471981 BCFD, False Alarm, Mount Vernon$250SOLD
481981 BCFD, Truck 11 Firefighter Jimmie Hayes removes glass from eye$250SOLD
491983 BCFD, Photographer with crew of Engine 25, Ron Addison (Rear)$250SOLD
501983 Fatima Ball, Firedancer, Baltimore$350 
511982 Edith Massey, Actress, Fells Point$350SOLD
521983 Fatima Ball, Firedancer, Baltimore$350SOLD
531986 Black Elks Club, East Towson$350SOLD
541979 Bowie Racetrack$350SOLD
551982 Shake and Bake Family Fun Center, Upton$350SOLD
561982 Robin$250SOLD
571979 Jerry Frutkoff, Track Photographer$250SOLD
581982 William Dickson, Window Washer$550SOLD
592000 Dan Keplinger, aka “King Gimp,” Artist$550 
601999 Sue Reedy, Breast Cancer Survivor$250 
612003 Stunt Show Performers, Six Flags America, Upper Marlboro$250 
621999 Rafael Alvarez, Writer$250SOLD
631999 Lenny and Lisa Burger, Uniontown, PA$250SOLD
642004 Neil Grauer, Writer$250SOLD
651997 Clown, Alonsoville$250 
661999 Richard Kirstel, Photographer$250 
672014 Neighbor, Remington$250SOLD
682002 Laura Lippman, Writer$250SOLD
692005 Frank Martin, Resident, Penrose Avenue, West Baltimore$250SOLD
702008 Megan Hildebrandt, Performance Artist, Penrose Avenue, West Baltimore$250 
711992 Elmer, Usher, Oriole Park$350SOLD
721992 Sweeper, Oriole Park$350SOLD
732001 Memorial Stadium$550SOLD
741989 Memorial Stadium$550SOLD
751992 Jason, Cotton Candy Vendor, Oriole Park$350SOLD
761992 Ushers, Oriole Park$350SOLD
771979 Peabody Library, Mount Vernon$550SOLD
782005 The Sea Urchin, Mount Vernon$550SOLD
792001 Bar, Engineers Club, Mount Vernon$250 
802000 National Bohemian Beer Collection, Baltimore$250SOLD
811994 The Enchanted Forest, Ellicott City$250SOLD
821995 Pink Flamingoes, Baltimore$250SOLD
831996 Congress Hotel, Baltimore$350 
841996 Congress Hotel, Baltimore$350 
851984 Natural Gas Tank, South Baltimore$350SOLD
861984 Wagner’s Point, South Baltimore$350SOLD
872000 Congress Hotel, Baltimore$350 
882002 Congress Hotel, Baltimore$350 
891984 Fairfield, South Baltimore$350SOLD
902009 Wagner’s Point, South Baltimore$350SOLD
912010 Chevrolet Impala, Hampden$350SOLD
921997 Christmas Night, Remington$350SOLD
931986 Grain Elevators, Locust Point$350SOLD
941984 Fort Armistead Park, Hawkins Point$350SOLD
951989 Grand View Tavern, Western Maryland$550SOLD
962004 Grand View Tavern, Western Maryland$550SOLD
971983 Ted’s Musicians Shop, Mount Vernon$550SOLD
981982 Thanksgiving Parade, North Avenue and Charles Street, Baltimore$550SOLD
992010 Squaaks, Remington$550SOLD
1002000 Harry Little’s Steaks and Submarines, 25th Street, Baltimore$550SOLD
1011983 Wholesale Fish Market, Baltimore$550SOLD
1021983 Wholesale Fish Market, Baltimore$550SOLD
1031981 Billboard, Seton Hill$550SOLD
1041983 Wholesale Fish Market, Baltimore$550 
1051983 Wholesale Fish Market, Baltimore$550SOLD
1062003 Conrad Brooks, Actor, Plan 9 from Outer Space$550SOLD
1071973 Roller skaters, Uniontown, PA$250SOLD
1081983 Roller skaters, Baltimore$250SOLD
1091979 Bowie Racetrack$250SOLD
1101982 Dimitri’s Tavern, Hampden$250SOLD
1111989 Psychic, Jeane Dixon, and Baltimore Sun Publisher, Reg Murphy$250 
1121982 City Paper Senior Staff, Thanksgiving Parade, Baltimore$250 
1131981 Goodyear Blimp flies over Lexington Market, Baltimore$250SOLD
1142002 Institute of Notre Dame, Commencement, Cathedral of Mary Our Queen$250SOLD
1151979 Backstretch, Pimlico Racetrack$250 
1161979 Bowie Racetrack$250SOLD
1171979 Bowie Racetrack$250SOLD
1181994 BCPD, West Baltimore$250 
1191992 BCPD, Mount Vernon$250 
1202011 WBAL-TV Morning News Team$250SOLD
1212011 WBAL-TV Morning News Team$250SOLD
1221989 Preakness Infield$550 
1232003 Sharon Lynn Martin and Tina Milio at Phyllis’ Hair Design, Highlandtown$550SOLD
1241993 Jennifer and Cello$350SOLD
1252011 Foodscape, Foam At Last$350SOLD
1262005 Foodscape, Raising Cane$350SOLD
1271990 Foodscape, The Horrible Truth About Ronald McDonald$550 
1281998 Anne, Barcelona, Spain$550SOLD
1292009 Foodscape, Weenie Roast$350SOLD
1302008 Foodscape, Steamed Females$350SOLD
1311994 Foodscape, The Corn Is As High As$350SOLD
1322013 Foodscape, Stalk$350SOLD
1331981 Mermaid, Lake Roland$350 
1342010 Foodscape, Get Dressed! I Brought Donuts!$350SOLD
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