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Fed-Ex Office Memories

Any professional photographer of a certain age, working in Baltimore at a certain time, will recognize this scene – our most sacred ground. During the era “B.D.” (Before Digital), all photographers kept a mental map in their heads…on it were the locations of all of Baltimore’s Federal Express boxes and their respective collection times. This was a period of great upheaval in the Baltimore photography scene. Out-of-town clients wanted their film (processed or unprocessed), negatives, contact sheets, prints, whatever, OVERNIGHT. […]

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Corks Follow Up

I was right about New Years Eve, we did drink champagne. I saved the cork. And I went to two parties on New Years Day. More corks. But I did finally find time to dump them out and go through them. I collected 380 over the years. The oldest cork was from June of 1999. It sealed a bottle of Rioja that I bought on my honeymoon, and carried back from Spain. We drank it on our first anniversary. There […]

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